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Welcome to Electrified Pixel. I am an independent Android developer. This is my web page, were I will be releasing information about my applications that are newly released and in development. Check below for all the latest news which will be updated as often as possible.

Update 2.2 Out Now

In update 2.2 you can now use your own image for your default image icon, this can be done by either taking a photo with the phones camera or loading an existing image. The amount of contact slots has been increased to eighteen giving you even more contacts per widget. There are also some minor changes to the presentation and menus.

Horizontal Update Out Now

The horizontal update has been released in version 1.5. This allows you to select either horizontal or vertical widgets for your contacts. Also in this up date is a major bug fix for the free version that was causing it to force close when trying to select a function for a contact. For this update you may need to remove any widgets you currently have and re add them, I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update Horizontal Option Coming Soon

Within the next few days Iíll be updating Favourite Contacts Widget with a horizontal option for the widget. The horizontal widget will be a 2x4 widget and will make this widget even more customizable.

First App Out Now

Favourite Contact Widget just released. This is a great widget for quick access for your favourite contacts, to view contact, phone contact, message contact or email contact. The widget will hold 12 contacts in 4 screens of 3 contacts that are fast and easy to flip through with a press of the arrow buttons. This great app is available on the android market under Favourite Contact Widget. There is a free trial version with limited function and a fully unlocked paid version. For more information on this Contact Widget please click here.